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  • In fact THIS is the frame with motors, esc's, and props.

  • Wow.

    I was wondering why they needed kickstart funds if it appears the frame was already tooled?

    Looks like the kickstart funds are to pay for the person to figure out how to put all the pieces together.

  • John, good find, this seams to clear the intentions of the kickstarter... Make quick money...

    So not only APM is taken from a finished product, also frame. Too bad..

  • Yep, a friend have bought the "x525" frame on goodluckbuy, and the stuff is very good. 40$ is still a little bit expensive compared to some laser cut services, but it is more affordable. And as the frame is ofen the second thing to break (after propeller), it should (..must ?) be a cheap part, particulary for the DIY way.

  • isnt that the same frame as on kickstarter?

  • Developer

    A lot of people are trying to ride the multicopter craze. So there is a lot of start-ups with high prices to cover the overhead, and some just plain trying to make a quick buck.

    But prices will normalize over time (and have started to if you look around). Example:

  • then why is this one so expensive too?

  • Why all airframe for multicopter are sooooooo expensive ? Wood, carbon fiber, metal or others, "no matter of the matter" or "time to cut" or "drawing complexity" or "size of the little bag of accessories", it's always cutting you one arm/kidney. I'm working sometime in my "professional life" with lazer/plasma oxycuter cnc and onetime i'have asked for an estimation of price for cutting "personnal reverse engineered multiwiicopter frame" with 3mm carbon fiber (high quality) and it was 10/20x less expensive than any frame you could find in shop, carbon fiber included.

    So why it is always sooo expensive ?

  • @Jan, agreed, it looks like people are trying to use kickstarter to cancel out the risk of investment in new products... which is normally involved by buying matrial, first production batches and so on... In this case these risks are not high, by using APM (the only risk not knowing the exact delivery date of the new APM :-)

    But this is what happens... Let´s see if people back that project.

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