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The team from Erle is at it again, with an APM-compatible board for the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero.  From Hackaday:

Flight controllers for quadcopters and other drones are incredible pieces of engineering. Not only do these boards keep an aircraft level, they do so while keeping the drone in one place, or reading a GPS sensor and flying it from waypoint to waypoint. The latest of these flight controllers is built on everyone’s favorite $5 computer, the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The PXFmini controller and autopilot shield is the latest project from Erle Robotics that puts eight servo outputs on the Pi, barometer and IMU sensors, a power supply, and all the adapters to turn the Raspberry Pi Zero into a capable flight controller. Since the Pi Zero will have some computational horsepower left over after keeping a quadcopter level, there’s a possibility of some very cool peripherals. Erle Robotics has been working with depth cameras and Lidar on more than a few drones. This makes for some interesting applications we can only imagine now.

The schematics for the PXFmini are open source in the best traditions of the RC and drone community and will be available soon

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  • @Jaimie,

    you can find more info about how to feed it in our docs.

  • Can I use the power pins as a UART and power it via USB or RC pins?

  • Hi Tony,

    Only one UART port is provided in the PXFmini. If you want to connect several serial devices you could do it using the USB port or use UART-to-USB converters if needed.

  • so can that port be shared for GPS and telemetry radios ? 

  • oh yes thank you very much sir ! 

  • How do we get telemetry data with 2 i2c ports ? 

  • I'm starting to think that the Pi Zero is not real.....  The damn thing is harder to find than gold is......

  • Developer

    Nicely done Victor and the other people at ErleRobotics!

  • Victor is kindly enough to make the schematic of PXFmini public here:

    if you want a more pixhawk like cape for full sized rapberry pi (A or B factor), you can refer to:


    I joined this project last year, and now code has been deleted from where it was cloned. home it will someday fix that 9250 driver onbard and pass the pull request.

This reply was deleted.