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    @Nick, my car is already pretty packed with gear, so I'll have to see if I can fit it in. No promises!

  • Awesome! Since it was announced, I have been very excited about the potential applications of the Disco! There really is no other (commercial off-the-shelf) autonomous fixedwing on the market at this price point. The fact that it can now run APM:Plane makes it a game changer!

    Tridge, could you please bring a Disco up to the OBC for show and tell?

  • Could the Disco be used for mapping? I read that the camera angle looking down is about 80° so not completely nadir.

  • Developer

    Thanks Greg. There is still more to do on that guide. Key things I want to add are:

    • how to load new firmware over WiFi from windows
    • how to enable the video

    I also want to support the new SkyController2. I just got one and it is a nice little controller. I've started a discussion with the Parrot team on how we can support using it with ArduPilot.

    I really want all the bells and whistles in the Disco to be fully functional with ArduPilot. That isn't the case right now, but I think it is something worth aiming for.

    Cheers, Tridge

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