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  • I don't use any connector, I've soldered the wires from the distribution board to ESC and from ESC to motor.

  • What are you using instead of bullet ?

  • Bullet connectors... people in the forum are always saying that it's a source of problems.

  • Great Job  Have a good Day!

  • @dany, thanks!

    These are stock 2.6 parameters. I'm very happy that 2.6 works that well out of the box.

    The APC slow fly props are usually really well balanced from the get go. I'll check again but last time I tried to balance there was nothing to correct. I bought other cheap props before where I had to attach 10 pieces of tape before they were balanced.
  • Distributor

    yeah! nicely done but I think Trappy can still challenge this as the motors and ESC were pre-wired... 

    Still every impressive!  Andreas your skills are nice, not only you can build it fast and cheap but you can also fly it very well. (tuning?) 

    Oh and please people BALANCE your props! (non on contest like these but for your own good spend an hour doing your blades!) 

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