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UPDATE: This has been fixed. If you load a new firmware hex from the Mission Planner, it should now be fine. Thanks for your patience and special thanks to Tridge and Michael O for Delta Team Six-like rapid response ;-)



We've accidentally introduced a bug into the latest ArduCopter code that interferes with MAVLink setup. After you load the firmware with the Mission Planner, when you go through the setup process and click on "Level" it resets the board into a state where MAVlink can no longer connect. (If you reset the board, MAVLink will connect again, but you still can't run the Level command)


The tempory solution is to do the setup via the CLI process instead. But we're working on the bug and hope to have a fix released by tomorrow. 


Many apologies for the glitch. We were just moving too fast and this one slipped through. 



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  • Thanks for the update Chris, I noticed the Mission Planner's revamp on Saturday and boy, things are getting much more user-friendly, although my wife would probably still not figure it out ;-)

    Thanks to everyone involved

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