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  • Waiting impatiently.... :-)

  • Ok thank you for the update! Really looking forward to this AC :)

  • Hello Guys, 

    First off, I want to apologize  for the lack of an update, we have been extremely busy with testing the prototypes. We are currently working with what we believe will be the final airframe. Some of the changes include bolted-in (removable) Carbon fiber landing gear as well as a lighter and stronger wing structure. We are diligently chasing every gram we can to increase the useful load fraction [the ratio between empty airframe weight, and the max take off weight to include payload and fuel (or batteries in this case)]. On top of this, we are aiming now for an advertised 8kg MTOW. As far as release, we are planning to put the airframe up for sale late this summer (August/September). This being said, keep your eyes peeled as we will be introducing a few other very exciting products in the near future.

    -Justin, on behalf of Applied Aeronautic

  • Hi Justin
    If I am not mistaken, I think its time for a end of the month update :)
  • Any news for the release date? :)

  • Thank you! Very much appreciated! It's been a fun journey. We're looking forward to releasing it!

  • Sounds great! :) Thanks.

  • Hello Tommy, currently we are deep in testing. We are getting everything perfected with the airframe, so as to avoid those "version 1 woes" that we so commonly see in this hobby. We are working diligently to release this airframe shortly. It is currently on what we hope will be the final pre-production sample, and it will be released this summer!



  • Hi! Any news about the Albatross ? :)

  • hello.Im making something simmilar bassed on de pinguin b uav. unfortunatly my knowledge about designing isnt that good. So i have a question hoping someone can awnser. Its about the angle of the tailboom atached to the wing. Is there a general rule? Mvg. Martin.

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