April Fool's joke made real

We joked about using FPV gear to try 3rd person snowboarding last April 1st.  And then we made it happen!

3rd person RC flying: old hat.
1st person RC flying: cool! but done.
1st person snowboarding: fun! and done.
3rd person snowboarding: at long last.

Finally, this 4th quadrant is filled-in. I tried it so you don't have to! Watch the video to see how it went.


Maybe next season we'll try again with an autonomous follow-copter as the camera platform!

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  • Ahh very cool!  

    When I first got into fpv years ago, I attached the camera to the fatsharks themselves and my girlfriend and I took turns trying to walk around.  Was fun but made us seasick!

    Try making a boom that attaches (rigidly as possible) to your back, with a L shape to it so that the camera can be mounted a good 3 or 4 feet behind you (with a wide angle) and looking down on you 3rd person view.  At least this way with the camera mounted to you as you walk or snowboard, it should be more "connected" with only the turning of your head to screw it up...... wait a sec, attach the boom to a motorcycle helmet, even better!  OMG if only I had the time, I'd have some fun with this :D

  • I must try that!
  • Fun!
  • Yeah very cool- I wonder if for the snowboarding, instead of having the camera on another person, the camera was instead mounted on a pole attached to the snowboarder giving a constant 'above and behind' view through the FPV goggles? That way the perspective and distance of the view wouldn't change making things a lot easier to judge.

  • That's an cool experiment, Ben!  

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