AR Drone 2.0 Search and Rescue


I have found a project that uses 299.00 AR Drone 2.0 as the platform for search and rescue missions. This is a very good example of UAV for good uses at toy prices. 

Details about the project are here:

They have even posted fully autonomous flight videos that look very promising. No need for another expensive autopilot this is a repurpose of the existing hardware inside the AR Drone 2.0.

I'm surprised I did not read about it here first on such a comprehensive website dedicated to information like this. I am happy to be the first to share this information with everyone. Enjoy. 

The TU Delft Team.

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  • LOL - At first when my wife got me the v1 of it I was hearing things on forums like - do not fly this thing outdoors, too high or in any wind. But to be honest I am not sure I agree - it handles wind quite well and with the radio conversion I have flown mine over 1km away from me in the desert. I think initial firmware had issues, but on latest v1 v2 frames it does really well outdoors. I even carry fpv gear and I carry a Emerson action am hd on it without an issue on rc radio conversion. On paparazzi I imagine it will have none of these concerns anymore.
  • So it's great for SAR as long as there's no wind?  

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