Preview of Archon Sentinel the autonomous system for inspection of industrial plants developed by

The system is equipped with a dronestation capable of supporting different types of terrestrial and flying robots.

It's based on edge computing technologies that guarantee continuity of service even in the absence of broadband Internet connection. A remote operator is able to control robots in real time, schedule and schedule inspection missions. The drone station is equipped with GPU power to support third-party apps and I.A. Technologies based on neural networks. We are looking for industrial partners to develop the project if you are interested contact 

The drone tecnology is developed around a custom vr brain hardware : arducopter and ardurover firmware. On board we use a companion computer for AI managment functionality based on Neural Network tecnology ...

The control of the drone (rover , copter , quadplane ) could be in blos mode , remotly by a web app .

We are start in europe some test with Enac blos flight. 

This is an example of neural network tecnology used for indoor localization ... a drone station use this tecnology for robot auto docking .

Wer are seraching technology and industrial partner for implement this kind of  tecnology in different market around the world. 

If you need more info contact me at

Hope that you like our last development done by virtualrobotix and archon team.

Thanks to Ardupilot team for great work done in last years around our great software :) 

Roberto Navoni

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