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Hey Folks,

A little while back we at Falcon Unmanned developed a tool that we like for doing data analysis on a flight.  What it does is takes the data from a flight log and generates a lot of different charts for some important parameters.  In the spirit of opensource and sharing and world peace and kittens we figured it might help a few of you out there with your own data analysis and troubleshooting.  So below you will find the link to the macro enable spreadsheets.  In the spread sheet you will find an instructions tab which goes through the steps to run a flight log.  

We are providing two different versions.  One we use for our Fixed Wing Falcon and one we use for our Multi Copter Falcon Hover.  Falcon flies for a long time so the data logs generated and file sizes can sometimes exceed Excel's capabilities so the Fixed Wing Arduanalysis only plots the data from the time you go above 10m to the time you go below 10m as well as a 1000 data points before and after to hopefully capture the take off and landing.  The Multicopter Arduanalysis will plot the entire flight log.  If you have more than one takeoff and landing in a fixed wing flight or they images don't capture your complete takeoff/landing then use the multicopter arduanalysis or change the code to suit your needs.

The spreadsheets are offered up as-is and with no warranty as I tend to drink alot of craft beer while coding.  I have left the macro unlocked so you review and modify the macro code as you wish.

Import things to note:

RTFM (i.e. instructions tab)

Excel is required so you might want to have that

These are macro enabled excel spreadsheets so your virus software or firewall may not like them

Give the macro time to run

Fixed Wing Arduanalysis

Multicopter Arduanalysis

Drone on,

Chris Miser, Owner Dude Man

Falcon Unmanned

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  • Very nice thanks. 

  • Thank you.  I look forward to trying this out.

  • @Dave you should be able to use the the airspeed data as well as your elevator/throttle position to help with that.

    @Julien.  In all the FW releases that we have been thru on plane and copter these haven't changed our code.  To my knowledge the tlog is composed of the mavlink messages received which use the standardized mavlink comm protocol and that is what the excel parses.  While param names have changed the mavlink protocol and messages sent have not... at least not enough that I ever noticed a difference in the excel output.  I haven't bothered with .log or .bin files as I work with MP and tlogs.  I am sure you can modify the code as desired.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing.

    How do you identify the different param names because they may change between 2 different FW releases?

    It's working for tlog->csv files only? can we use this tool with .log or .bin files (std logs)

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