ArduBoat MK4

Finally satisfied with my arduboat project. Good way to recycle some old APM and radio equipment. Download parameter file here: Boat.param.Who has a full size yacht for me to test this on? :)

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  • Distributor

    Oh no! United States Maritime Administration will unleash their fury anytime now!

  • Developer

    That is really great!!  We haven't seen very many arduboat videos so really great to see.

  • Seems very precise (tight).
  • allows the skipper to sit back and enjoy the ride. Good fun LPK -  have you got a project in mind for this application?

  • I have played around with the idea of connecting APM to my 30 ft cursing sailboats EV-100 KIT WHEEL PILOT . But I don't think it would provide much of an advantage over the existing autopilot. But may try someday if i ever get the free time.

  • Developer

    A very elegant build.  Nice job!

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Great stuff!!!

  • A rover for water! Nice work. What's considered an ESC on a full size boat? 

  • 3D Robotics

    Love it!  Nice work.

  • Nice! I wish I had a yacht for you. I'd love to see ardupilot put on a full size boat.

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