Arducopter 2.0.40 preview


3689422739?profile=originalJust got back from testing the latest version. I'm having great luck with it.


Improved alt hold: Look for about twice the accuracy for altitude hold than the previous 2.0.40 preview. It's really good and the motors don't pulse as hard as they did before.


Loiter looks great and has the wind compensation turned on now by default. It wasn't enabled before.

RTL is running very smooth. Circle mode needs some work. Installing this will cause you to go through an initial setup process using the CLI. Be sure to setup your radio, level, enable the compass, set declination and enable sonar, etc.


Feedback is appreciated.


Note: This version is no longer compatible with the Mission Planner. Some internals have changed. I'll work with Michael Oborne to get it connected and updatable through the Planner.





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  • Developer

    That's the delay to recalibrate the barometer. It should improve alt transitions from Sonar while flying in the field.


    You may be able to tune down the Loiter P or slow the I term a bit if it is ramping too soon.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Altitude hold is pretty good with a shielded cable; there was just some constant up-and-down oscillation I need to tune out. I think the need for tuning just wasn't visible before as much, and now that is the only significant error!3692266505?profile=original


    Loiter oscillation with the default setup is now much, much more benign but it still does it.


    Google Earth view:3692266519?profile=original I can send you the log if you want it. Other things I noticed: LED behavior was somewhat odd, and arming seems to take a lot longer somehow. (I'm not talking about the first arming.) The LED doesn't light up right away, it seems to take its time. Have there been changes in the arming procedure?

  • Developer

    Mc_don. Unfortunately we cannot. Every different frame that are outside of official frames needs to have their own PIDs. To find perfect PIDs is hand work and a lot of testing. Sure there are some general rules like if your quad wobbles a lot lower down P value and so on. Just make small changes and see how it flies.


    Best way to start play with values is to play with P and IMAX values. Those will get you far on tuning

  • chris my seting:

    motor 1000kv +prop 10x4.5 (apc)

    frame 30cm/arm

    bat 3cell

    can you help me to set PID?

  • the camera pitch reversed direction has been corrected, however the RC_CP_MIN and RC_CP_MAX doesn't seem to take any of my values and remains at 1200 and 1900 respectively.


    When the arducopter is connected via xbee or usb, it will take my value of 1000 and 2000 after i write params. But once power has been disconnected from the ardupilot, the values reset itself to 1200 and 1900.....anyone experiencing this too?

  • 3D Robotics

    mc_don: are you using the standard ArduCopter airframe? If not, you'll probably have to tune the PIDs. The control laws have changed since 2.0.3x

  • 3D Robotics

    mc_don: Xbee comms works fine with 2.0.40. Check your Xbee modules with X-CTU--one of them may have become bricked. Debricking instructions are at the bottom of the page here.

  • upload 2.0.40 from AMP (QC Xmode)

    but i have big osilation on alt_hold and loiter.

    install & enable sonar,GPS+compas.

    on stable mode the QC is not stong on windy


    any idea?

  • Hi got some problems,

    I got no Xbee Pro connection after going from firmware 2.0.34 to 2.0.40,


    Loaded 2.0.40 in APM planner 1.0.66

    Recalibrated everything

    Radio,modes, manually each esc.


    Xbee Connection was fine on 2.0.34.


    Any solution?



  • I've uploaded 2.0.40 via Arduino since I'm having some GPS (MT3329) issues, so I've changed the refresh to 4Hz, but made all configuration via Planner and all seemed to work fine. I'll trim it today and hopefuly make a small flight :)

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