Arducopter 2.0.44

Lots of small tweaks and performance improvements. Here's how testing AP went in the Park:









If you compile with Arduino, you can now set CH7 to trigger some cool things like RTL, or In-Flight leveling. 

Check the GIT tree for details on the changes. Most are just nerdy code optimizations.


This release feels very close, if not the last beta. Thanks for all the testing,



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  • 3D Robotics

    Martin, datalogging and analysis is built into APM and the Mission Planner. It's all in the manual.

  • Not xbee connection needed. It´s very simple.


    First, download the log files after a file using Mission Planner (or CLI in ARDUINO). All .log files has another .kmz file with same name in the folder you downloaded. This can be directly readed by Google Earth (double click it and wil be opened in GE).


    The rest is done inside Google Earth.


  • Ah great, that will do the job! thx

  • Moderator

    Export your log as a KML file and load in Google Earth

  • You guys are all showing nice graphs and waypoints/tracking on maps. How do you guys do that? Is there a wiki for it? Do you need an xbee connection? 

  • Thanks :-)

    I have forgotten about Super, used it quite but a few years back.

  • Gustav, try "Super" ; ffmpeg based, 100% free  :


    The download link is here :

  • Hi Chris,

    Will try later tonight on a different computer.

    Was using a very slow internet connection this morning, before work.

    Flew the stock quad with stock code/PIDS, gusty conditions this afternoon.

    Altitude hold worked a charm, loiter was bettter, I think.

    How can I compress a GoPro video?


  • 3D Robotics

    Gustav: I'm not seeing any issues here. Please try again and give details if you're still having trouble.

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