Arducopter 2.0.50 preview

2.0.50 is a work in progress, but this video highlights the Altitude hold progress in the latest code. 




Changes include a faster Baro filter to reduce latency and temperature induced noise. Alt hold control using the throttle has been upgraded to have a faster and proportional response. 


Acro mode has been enhanced and now has it's own duplicate set of Rate PI's for more flexibility.

I'll have this posted in the next two days to GIT and the mission planner.





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  • I´m just tested the .50 from MP inside home.


    It flies better than ever. Alt_hold is  a lot more sensible to altitude changes with throttle (take care! at the begining). Also the PID setting is very agresive but precise.


    How works now the Alt_hold throttle control?. It´s not very clear for me.

  • When will be available to be downloaded with Mission Planner ?

  • Wayting for the version 50, playing at home with the 49...
  • I did change the ratio in config.h

     // Y6 Support
    #ifndef TOP_BOTTOM_RATIO

    # define TOP_BOTTOM_RATIO 0.90

    Is that above code not being used right now?   

    It was .92,  I changed mine to .90

    I have been researching y6 prop sizes/motor speeds and nobody seems to have a clear consensus on whether to use different prop pitches or different motor speeds.  But I don't mind experimenting so if the ratio is not enabled you could enable it.  I am using default pids except stabilize Pitch&Roll is 4.4 and stabilize I is .005

  • Developer


    What do you think of adding back in the top/bottom ratio to slow the top motors. I'm adding that back in by request for y6. The default would be .9, but you could make it 1.0 and it would behave exactly the same. I don't have a Y6 so i need to ask around.


  • I have been flying 2.0.50, from git this afternoon,  for over an hour on my new y6 50cm m2m,12x38sf apc props top,12x45 epp props bottom,2831-11motors,1500g auw with gopro and 4500mah 30c lipo.  Very nice alt-hold with my unfiltered LV-EZ0 sonar up to 8ft with no pulsing at all.  After 8ft it pulses (fast)  up and down about +/- 1ft but slowly climbing.  I am getting 13 minutes from the nanotech 4500 30c lipo.  I do not have my baro, as a test, covered but I have a tight fitting polycarbonate dome over the electronics.  It can breathe thru the velcro.  Yaw control is excellent.  I mean dead on.  I did calibrate my compass the ardupiratesNG way though. After reloading code this afternoon with arduino I armed the copter and spun it in all directions then I un-armed.  My mag is mounted underneath the gyros/accels with foam tape and it does not seem to jitter as much as the mag on my other apm which is mounted like the wiki.  I have not enabled the new accel_alt_hold code yet though.  Flying stablize on this windless night I could keep my hands off the tx for 10 secs or more and just give minor nudges to keep it in one spot. Very Nice!  Thanks!

  • Developer

    That's actually how it will work in release, once testing is finished. One day.

  • Thanks and sorry for not to look for well enough in the wiki.

    Btw, a sugestion for a new mode could be a loiter but when you move out the position using the sticks, it remain loitering in the last position after releasing the sticks.its like guided but using stiks to find the new position,instead of the MP
  • The Wiki is the answer:

  • "position" mode
    Anyone knows how it works?
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