Arducopter 2.0.50 preview

2.0.50 is a work in progress, but this video highlights the Altitude hold progress in the latest code. 




Changes include a faster Baro filter to reduce latency and temperature induced noise. Alt hold control using the throttle has been upgraded to have a faster and proportional response. 


Acro mode has been enhanced and now has it's own duplicate set of Rate PI's for more flexibility.

I'll have this posted in the next two days to GIT and the mission planner.





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  • @Jason: Thx for the info.

    I see the BMP085 has temp sensing too, but the 12bit ADC on the oilpan has a line for the TEMP sensing from the IDG500 XY gyro IC. Which one are you using?

    I suppose but have to ask that we are using the BMP085 in the "ultra high resolution mode"?

    BMP085 datasheet

  • Developer

    Temp is used to scale the raw barometer response. Air cools at a predictable rate with altitude and the air pressure and temperature are tightly linked. 


  • Developer

    Altitude control is now proportional. You give +- up to 150PWM based on stick postion. So you can climb very slowly with no oscillations. The only trick is to not release it when it's traveling very fast. You need to ease off or it will set the new desired altitude too low or high and overshoot. Not a big problem but it's not pretty. Totally manageable once you get used to it and much more fun/reliable than before.

  • Sorry for my ignorance, but what the temp data is used for?

  • Developer

    Ryan, I was filtering the baro solution pretty heavily because I need to feed the output to the rate controller. This ended up making the output slower. I reduced the filter to only a very small average and started sampling the temperature at 50hz vs 5hz.  I'm also now grabbing the rate change of the raw barometer data rather than the computed data. This turns out to be a very low noise signal and very sensitive to altitude changes. 


    My only concern is the raw data will be less effective at high altitudes, but the solution would be to simply give the rate kp a higher gain.


  • Distributor

    The fact that you are no longer flying in the park and that you can do it in that very space limited backyard is really showing how "accurate" the flight is becoming. 

    good work Jason! will most likely test flight it before the end of week. 

    By any chances, did you put back the motor mount light code in the 1280 board version? 

    getting quite dark around here and it was nice to get these all working without having to change the code. 



  • Developer

    OK, I just posted the new code on GIT this morning.

    Good luck,


  • now i want to load the the git version. One of my quad has no sonar (removed intentionally) since v42. v50 looks promising. If only the rain will stop in the morning and in the afternoon which is when i do my testing.

  • 100KM

    I hope you can still change altitude more smoothly too, like it is today ?  


  • Wow. impressive

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