ArduCopter 2.0.28 Holy Shmoly!

Before going out for another late night test flight I decided to check for updates.  I saw the Arducopter 2.0.28 was already up.  I couldn't resist, so I went ahead and downloaded.  I knew from the previous nights flights I had a bit of tweaking to do.  I was really expecting to have to adjust some PIDs' after my first run.  However,  to my surprise I didn't have to adjust a single PID.  Excellent high and low level altitude hold.  Excellent Loiter hold for first flight.  Cam stabilization working good.  Should be working on waypoints soon if consecutive flights show to be the same.  Excellent work DIY Drones! This is why I follow.
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  • I was able to upload that version, and I was wondering if anyone else is seeing the same strange behavior I am seeing:  With this version, 2.0.28, the board seems to loose it's settings once you disconnect from the mission planner.  This issue was NOT there in 2.0.27.  In other words, I go through the first setup procedure just fine, configure my radio etc.  I then flip the switch to flight mode, but as soon as I disconnect from the mission planner, all the settings are gone! Including all the configurations for the radio etc....

    I had to go back to 2.0.27, and all is well again....just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

    And YES, 2.0.27 yes a mode switch issue...for me, the stabilize and Alt-Hold seemed to be reversed...

  • @Scott


    Apparently 2.0.27 has a bug where two modes are transposed? The officla line is don't fly it!!

  • Just got 2.0.27 in it last night! :)
  • Dammit! Im stuck at work! Dying to try 2.0.28!
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