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  • any news on the camera mount project?
  • Developer
    @F11 Music
    550 mm
  • Great video and sounds :) What is your motor to motor size?
  • free falling with minimum throttle is usually ok but try to descend from high altitude with constant, but not too low speed.
    yeah, I know about propeller turbulences etc.but the fact is other projects are much more stable in such conditions.
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    Alum sq-tube 15X15mm 1mm, welded in center, holes are 7mm on top and 9mm on sides.
    the gray cables you see are for LEDs.
    Yes if you drop it really fast it won't wobble, or you need to move in some direction when you descend.
  • @cholo: it depends on your flying style, i don't have wobbling on fast descending (i mean really fast, falling like a stone)
    @priyanka: aluminiom rods + screws i think
  • very nice video. Complimenti!
  • what kind of cables did you use to connect all of the motors to the Arducopter?
  • what did you use to build you custom frame? can u post the list of the parts and the instructions please?
  • I see wobbling while descending is still there (I think attitude control function has some flaws) ;(
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