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When we started to make DIY Drones ArduCopter frames and parts we could not foresee the surprisingly strong market demand that existed for this product and the very positive response of the DIY community.  Almost from the beginning, we have had a difficult time keeping up with the ever-larger orders and responding to the many requests for parts, technical information, etc.

We are pleased to announce that we are now taking steps to improve the situation.

We were originally operating within the structure of an existing Thai company, Fah Pah Electronics. This allowed us to “hit the ground running” and worked well enough for a while.  Now, however, it is clear that DIY Drones ArduCopter project has outgrown its relationship with Fah Pah and will be doing business on its own.

Specifically, we have established a new company in Thailand, jDrones, which will be working solely on DIY Drones and UAV-related technologies and products.

We are confident that this structural change will enable us to work more effectively and efficiently and give our customers even greater quality and higher service levels. 

The establishment of jDrones is being “fast-tracked” and so should be ready for business in the next 5 days. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you and kindly ask for your patience.  In the end, we know that jDrones will be able to bring you affordable, reliable drones and UAV's based on the very latest technology.

Looking forward to working with you soon.

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  • Developer

    Thank you to all for your support. We still have a lot thing to do before production and store is running at full speed but we will get there. Shipments has started again and first kits were out too. Currently we are doing shippings three times per week.


    We are adding more products to store almost daily and constantly looking more. There will be UBECs, Servoes, Cables etc other things that users will need while building their ultimate UAV, Robot or Rover


    More ESC's and Propellers are arriving at end of February, China is now "closed" for next 2 weeks because of their New Year celebration.


    Also more frames will be introduced shortly and we are looking to have some Rover parts too.

  • Hello i went to buy a oil/pan and Ardupilt and you dont have the is stock can you please tell me when you will have thank you Tom 
  • can't wait to get my hands on one!!
  • Thanks for the update Jani. You guys rock! :)
  • Good news !!
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