ArduCopter factory updates, Feb 2011




China has awoken so have we!


In last 3-4 weeks there has been a lot of changes on how ArduCopter factories are working and how we as a creators are organized. First we moved out working under FahPah and we are now fully standing on our own as jDrones


Our new office / storage area are now fully working on its new location starting from Monday 21st. And we are really happy about this change. If you are visiting in Bangkok, please let us know and you are welcome to visit on our office.


Even tho there has been a lot of changes and we have been moving our storage, we been able to ship out kits and other parts with rather steady stream.


China had 3 week Chinese New Year holiday and that caused delays for bigger shipments, now it is over and first shipments are starting to arrive. Ok it will take some weeks until all queues of our suppliers are fully cleared but they will be.


New distributors are also demanding a lot, to full fill these orders will also affect on jDrones stock levels for awhile but eventually we are in position that kits are always in stock. Now there are uDrones, Robonor, BYOD and naturally DIY Drones who are selling kits.


How things are looking in future:


We all in ArduCopter group have been working hard to make this project better and better. There are new frames coming out shortly like Tri and Hexa frames that are following traditional ArduCopter design. Sonar mounts are out already and 3-4 different type camera systems will be available too.


Just like other our partners we have created fully assembled quad kits. These assembled kits are great for customers that are busy or not sure if they have right tools or skills to assemble their own quads. Good thing on these kits is that you can be sure that all electronics works and has been build properly. Only thing you need to add on these kits is your own radio, receiver and battery. They are already tested for you and test flown before shipped out from our premise. User just need to connect receiver, do calibration for them and they are ready to fly again on your home area.


After other frames are ready to ship out, we will start provide them too as ready assembled kits. We also have been looking to take this one step further but we will tell about that after time is ready. But first we will do some packing and shipping to full fill our users growing demand.


As we are part of DIY Drones internal network, we just started to carry more of their electronics on our site and more will come.


More parts for DIYers ...


For private users and DIYers we now carry all our parts that can be used to build your own drones or what ever. This parts includes various nylon screws/nuts/washers, hexagonal spacers, polycarbonate screws and nuts also specially designed cable sets are available.



Best way to find these are by looking under "Parts & Pieces" category. More will be added and if you might have some special needs, please drop a note to us and we can look what can be done for you and whole community.


There will be more general R/C parts too visible in stores shortly like servos, rc-switches, battery alarms, cables and so on.


Have fun and safe flying,


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  • I just setup and distributor account with jDrones to supply Australia and New Zealand via my online store and are very impressed with the service they deliver.Looking forward to doing business with you guys.

    Scott~Uavionics AU
  • Developer
    Charles, yes udrones is our partner store that assembled kits in Mexico. jDrones is factory that makes all ArduCopter kits. Currently all incoming imu/gpses etc is going directly to kits. We try to get single units to store soon too.
  • i don't see gps or compass on your site but this site dose sell them but the are out of stock here is the link do you know anything about this site and are they legit?
  • Good news!! Any sneak peek pictures?
  • Developer
    Mark, yes we have protos of it already and now that our R & D office is up and running again we can continue working to finalize it. There will be frontal and below mounts for ArduCopters
  • Will you be producing a small compact stabilised mount for camera's like the Go Pro?  I was thinking of making my own but if you have something coming maybe I will just wait!!
  • Distributor

    Great to see this update Jani!

    Can't wait to get some kits.






  • Developer

    Taylor, you were right. For some reason they weren't there but now they are.


  • Developer
    Hmm both Ny & PC nuts should be there too. We are working every day with store system so things are progressing all the time.
  • When I ordered parts like the nylon and plastic screws, they did not come with the nuts to go with them. And I don't see anywhere to order the nuts.
This reply was deleted.