ArduCopter on Ice

Hi folks!

I have been tinkering with the ArduCopter since autumn 2011. While still being lightyears from perfection I do appreciate the possibilities it brings and the community spirit here around is inspiring!

Here is a video from yesterdays test/ demo flights on the frozen Lake Maelaren (Stockholm, Sweden).

I use 3DR frame, stock motors and ESC, carbon reinforced props 10x4,5, APM2, AC2.4.1 GIT 28 feb, and LiPo 3S4500mAh Nanotech. Ironically, when analysing this flight afterwards, it seems as the parameter Loiter P was zero, which of course impacts how the copter copes with loitering. Something must have gone wrong when I concluded the loiter tuning (using CH6) earlier that day.

I the end of this (long, feel free to use fast forward) I show my parameters, APM board o-ring suspension and how I set up six flight modes on my JR12X. The video is available in full HD. Enjoy!  / Tomas

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  • Very nice (and long!) video, Tomas!  Interesting to see how "loose" your o-ring suspension is.  Mine is much more high strung, but then again , I haven't rid my APM of vibes enough yet. 

    Do you record RAW accel data when flying? It would be interesting to compare what sort of vibes are being recorded during your flights.

    Keep up the good work!

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