Arducopter with Xaircraft X650 value frame


I've been looking around for a cool frame and came across the X650 V4 frame from Xaircraft.

Before I ordered it from BDpowers I did some homework concerning were I would put all the hardware.

The frame has space for the ESC's just next to the motors so I wanted to be certain that my ESC's would fit. I managed to putin them in the tight space but using the X650 ESC covers wasn't possible. Putteing the ESC's under the props keep them very cool. Also the distance between motor and ESC is kept to aminimum. EMI from powerlines will also be reduced this way. I also looked at the center plate that would hold the APM and IMU. It fits nicely and all connectors are accessable. The folding arms of this frame was a bonus.


The current setup are :

KDA 20-22L

APC 10x4.7

Plush 30 A

Motor to motor is 60cm


Currently I'm doing tests with the latest v49 code and the first couple of flight (excl gps and sonar) were very promising.


I would like to upgrade to avroto motors 2814 and perhaps a bigger 11" prop.


Suggestions welcome.




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  • frame arm has a diameter of 12.5 mm, can be extended longer about acquiring theXAircraft has a diameter of 55cm from engine to engine and folding 61 cm


  • what diameter are the arms for the X650? can I change the length?

  • The props are APC 10-47. I have changed to 10-38 to get the motor a little more efichient as these motors are a little high KV there 920. Also a smaller prop turning at a higher rpm is less efected buy wind.

  • @ Jack, very nice.

    What props are those?

  • There are imitations of xaircraf v4 and order this model3692342354?profile=original


  • yes, excellent  the gps at the top and the led.

  • 3692342084?profile=original



    Here are some pics of my X V4 frame. I have been flying it for about 10 month and love this frame. I had the APM1 in it till a month or so ago now I updated to the APM2 and am flying with 2.2.b4 code. I use it alot for FPV my AUW with Gopro is about 1500gr3692342252?profile=original

  • I have used the cover with the esc mentioning, but it is better as Vincente says.

  • yes for the weekend , with the new code I'm proven 2.2b4.

  • Norman, any video of you frame flying with APM?

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