Arducopter32 test of RTL and Loiter mode


Dear Friends,

in these days we're doing test of stable version of code for Multipilot32 + VRIMU FULL. We hope to release the stable version of code before the end of month.In this video is possible to see how work return to home , I'm very happy of this result ... During the debug is possible to have some problem if the point of return is exactly the same where you pilot your drone :) See video ... It's very nice .. :)


Functionality available tested for two week :

Stable mode work fine .

Loiter is good and affordable precision start from 1x1 m box to 5x5 m box depend of wheater condition.

Retur to home work fine ... have only a problem the quad return to last loiter position instead of starting point.

In the next week we continue to test and improve :

Altitude hold .

Auto navigation.


Configuration of testing :

Multipilot32 V1.0 :


Custom Frame by AleBs X Mode Quad configuration.

4x 30 Amp ESC Hobbywing.

Propeller 10x45.

Battery 3S 4000 Amp.

Radio: Hitech Aurora 9 with standard 9 channel receiver 2.4 ghz.


Firmware Pre requiste :

This revision of code is derived of original Arducopter 2.0.42 i add some new feature for have more flexible configuration parameter for example is possible change the frame configuration only changing a parameter in Mission Planner. Is available also mixertable and receiver that support 1 wire ppm sum .


Last Revision of IDE :


Last Patch of stable code :


Original Blog Post :

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    I Chris , thanks for your suggestions ... We're working to support of data logging i think could be available in the next days two or three days. We develop a class compatible with standard dataflash class that support raw write on standard micro sd memory so we can have until 8-32 gbyte available for our log :)

    When will be available i start to post the log of my test :)



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    Hi Giu ,

    it's not a problem :) The X640 is closed source and we're not interest to that kind of board :) For me is not so terrific.When happen strange things is impossible to debug it ... I start my experience with Mk 4 years ago ... when start to use a Navi and i had a lot of crash i stop to use because was impossible understand what happen :) The same is for X640 ...

    The problem is that it  work fine  only 5 meters of error is not a problem for me ... the main problem on that video is that the altitude hold is disable ... and i don't have a cameramen with me so i mantain the quad low as altitude ... and in a relative small area only 60x60 m for doing this test :)

    Try the X640 in the same condition and check what happen :)

    For more best result check this :

  • It this is the RTL, the results are terrific  compared with X640...


  • I issued "make" in the Firmware/ACopter32 directory in a linux system.

    That did not work, I get a lot of errors about missing wirish.h file and things like that.

    I added -DMCU_STM32F103RB to the DEFINES and that helped a bit.


    So my advise is that you try to fix it for linux, and after you do that I will fix it for windows as well.





  • I've diffed the libraries/ directory between git master and your zip file.

    The problem with your fork is that it will be hard to backport the fixes from master (that happened after your fork) to your code.

    One other issue is that you add lot of comments in Italian.

    For me it's not a problem I can understand it, but for most users it just renders the comments useless.


    But nice work nevertheless,



  • Hi Roberto,


    I already ported your makefile :)

    I've answered you on the ArduPilot Dev mailing list.


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    HI Amilcar,

    I try to mantain aligned the code in .pde and change only the lib. In the lib there're a lot of changes.

    Here you can found the lib , the ide and the firmware for arducopter not yet for arduplane.

    No I have 8 pwm output not only 6 really is possible to configure also other output for pwm .

    I don't need to emulate because i have yet :)

    I don't like standard arduino ide i prefer to migrate to eclipse can you check if is possible to use  your make file also in our enviroment ? I think that there isn't big difference.



  • 3D Robotics

    Looking good! Please post KML tracks for the autonomous round!

  • How big is the fork ? In other words, did you have to change a lot the APM code in order to port it to the cortex-M3 ?

    Are the changes mostly in the libraries/ directory or in the .pde files on the main directory ?

    I would like to start working in your team in the near future, and I would like to know more about the code.


    Why do you have only 6 pwm outputs ?

    Can you emulate two more outputs in software ?

    I ask because I need all the 8 channels for my plane.


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