Arducopter3D with SimonK reversible ESCs - Day2

Here's the video from day 2 of testing my 3D / reversible prop code. I still have a minor bug to work out in the acro pitch leveling code, but what's working is working well!

- Afro 30A ESCs with SimonK (reversing/braking/complementary)

- RcTimer 9x4.7" CF props (doubled up for symmetry) 

- RcTimer BC3530-10 1400KV motors

- Rctimer 450 frame

- Adrucopter3D code (based on Arducopter 2.9.1b)

Here's a close up of the prop configuration:


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  • Bob, correct me if I am wrong... but its important to clarify that you MUST need an ESC with Simonk firmware to get the Forward/Reverse feature. The changes in the code are like programming the TX, with standard ESC you can't use this feature...

  • Code is up:

    I tried to wrap the '3D' changes in #ifdefs, but I'm sure I missed some... 

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  • The throttle range is set up as reverse/forward with the mid point as neutral (-100...0...+100).

  • Very cool! What triggers the motors to reverse direction? Is it automatic and reverses when the angle of the controller gets beyond a certain point? Or do you need to manually flip a switch?
  • Woah, never even thought about trying to do this without variable pitch!

  • @Troy - nice camera work and commentary! :P

  • Awesome work Bob - hoping from your contributions to the APM code base more of us will be looking to build some 3D reversing quadcopters.

  • Nice flying! 

  • 3D Robotics


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