Arducopter3D with SimonK reversible ESCs - Day2

Here's the video from day 2 of testing my 3D / reversible prop code. I still have a minor bug to work out in the acro pitch leveling code, but what's working is working well!

- Afro 30A ESCs with SimonK (reversing/braking/complementary)

- RcTimer 9x4.7" CF props (doubled up for symmetry) 

- RcTimer BC3530-10 1400KV motors

- Rctimer 450 frame

- Adrucopter3D code (based on Arducopter 2.9.1b)

Here's a close up of the prop configuration:


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  • In the past I used kkflashtool to flash Simonk to my ESC's.  However, I can't find a hex file for the reversible version and I don't know how to set parameter RC_PULS_NEUTRAL.

    What application is required and how is the reversible version implemented?

  • So I just tried the HQProp 8" reversible props. It hovered at about 60% throttle but drew 60 amps to do it! No vertical acceleration left to speak of.  Dual 9's hover somewhere between 40 and 50% and draw about 30-40 amps. All-up weight is 1275g - I guess that's a bit too much for the little 8s.

  • @Jared - Absolutely would be, but they currently only exist in 8" and I don't have any. I believe some are on the way though...

  • how about props that aren't rotation biased, i csnnot think of the name but i would imagine they are better suited

  • Reversing motors will never replace the speed of collective pitch. Fortunately quad props are relatively small and light as compared to heli rotors - it'd take quite a drive system to reverse a heli main rotor!

  • Ravi: how do you propose to eliminate the need for cyclic?

  • amazing, i think variable pitch system on helis would soon become obsolete.

  • @Mauro - I changed the title to clarify ;)

  • That's right. 

  • Bob, correct me if I am wrong... but its important to clarify that you MUST need an ESC with Simonk firmware to get the Forward/Reverse feature. The changes in the code are like programming the TX, with standard ESC you can't use this feature...

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