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ArduCopterMega on a Guai 330s

ArduCopterMega, the next version of the official ArduCopter code, is flying well and will bring full UAV navigation to ArduPilot by syncing it up with the APM codebase. Right now Jason Short is testing it on different airframes. The video above is it running on a stock Gaui 330s frame, with default settings. Late in the video Jason tries some different PID gains, but you'll see there's a bit of oscillation and they're not as good as the default. Awesome to see that the code can handle quads of such different size (the Gaui 330 is about 60% the size of ArduCopter) with the same standard settings.
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  • Developer
    Some ESCs have a minimum low threshold for arming. If your low throttle PWM is not low enough they will not arm. Try trimming down your throttle and try again. You will need to setup your radio in the CLI again.
  • jason,

    battery is not low

    esc problem? i'd agree with you, but plugging esc wires into gaui controller makes them "healthy" again, and i can fly.


    calibrating - it shouldn't make any difference which radio/controller do you have attached? i mean, if i fly with gaui controller, and quad is very stable and powerful and whatnot - it doesn't mean that esc's should be re-calibrated for APM? and if it does - why so?

  • Developer

    This is an ESC problem. Either your battery is low or your throttle output may not be low enough to trigger the ESCs. Try trimming the throttle down, re-set up the radio and try again.


  • very strange.. all the information i can find tells me that it should be "plug and play", everything i can see from mission planner tells me it should fly, and yet - it doesn't power up other esc's than then #1..


    it's not mine, friend borrowed to me - should i really take it apart to see if there is some wiring issue? on other hand, it does fly with original controller - so gaui's power wiring/cabling should be ok?

  • Developer

    I got Chri's Gaui up and running with just a minor change in the PID. Im not sure you even need to change the PID now. Maybe just up or down the kD term.


  • should APM power up gaui in "plug-n-play" manner? didn't work for me, unfortunately.. just motor 1 (right/front) is spinning up (in whatever channel), all other esc's are just quickly beeping.. with gaui controller thing flies just great..
  • in answer to his question, yes it is possible to cut someones finger off with a quad...


    we almost had a casualty on our 3rd year uni project

  • Developer


    First pictures of ArduCopter Hexa (Bigger). Landing gears will change in future frames. This is still beta frame and after few more finetunes has been done, we can start make them more publically available.

  • Developer


    What part are you talking about? The first half or the second half? 


  • wooble ... wooble ... and more wooble.

    the code continue with same OLD problem.

    i dont know how many people are flying this poor stable code.

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