Dear Friends,

today i upload last revision of ArducopterNG32 , I upload the code after my fly test doing tomorrow.

This is the video.

With this revision of code is possible to fly in acro e stable mode.

Today i'm doing my first outdoor test of ArmFox V4 firmware in basic configuration , I'm happy of the result , the quad is flying fine and seems reliable, even if a revision is alpha code.

In this test i use standard component , don't professional part.

MP32 and Oilpan work fine togheter.

I use 4 Chineese standard 18 A PWM ESC buy on Giancod store at 6$

Standard Motor 900 kv

10 inch propeller.

Standard 6 channel analog reciver on 35 Mhz.

So this is an entry level configuration.

Yesterday I spoke with Diego L. that are using only analog gyro and accelerometer connected directly to MP32 , That sensor normally is used on Aeroquad , but is the same that mount Oilpan , the only difference is that is connected by spi adc to MP32 instead on Diego configuration It is directly connected to analog input.

The MP32 analog input is better of avr analog because are at 12 bit . We notice that the configuration of analog is the same of oilpan. The resolution is the same.

The video , is only a raw fly with some test for check relability.

I need to setup the PID on gyro , today during flying there was much raffic of wind .


This is the link to the code.


This is the tutorial for pre flight check :

You can use all your standard Diydrones accessories with MP32 for assemble your drone.

MultipilotP32 ( ) is available in the stock if you need more information send a mail to


MP32 is next revision of CPU for Arducopter project based on 32 Bit arm microprocessor with 72 mhz of clock and a lot of innovative hardware feature as 2 i2c one for sensor , can bus , 512 kbyte flash and 64 kbyte ram. 12 bit analog input for more info visit discussion forum on

Next step is testing advanced functionality on air : Gps hold ,altitude hold ecc


Some suggestions about my PID these is the standard available on Arducopter NG

P 4.0

I 0.150

D 1.20


I change also Stick_to_angle factor conversion for have more command available.

What do you think about ? In the next test i would put our VR ESC that use i2c bus and have 256 step of resolution this esc only 127 :( That's could be a problem for good fly ... :)





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  • ok..Thanks.


  • Moderator

    The code is the same only small patch ... i don't check with APM , but i think that could work .. my starting point is a code for apm .. :) The different of main code from MP32 <-> APM is only 1 % or less

    I try to embed all my patch in library ... that is totally different of course .. MP32 is ARM 32 bit micro with 72 mhz of speed apm is an entry level 8 bit 16 mhz cpu.

  • Hi can this code  be used in APM hardware too ?


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