ArduIMU Crawler


It's getting cold and I'm limited by space to fly and money to repair crashes, so I'm going to feed all my toy-wants by starting off with an AGV, and using the knowledge and experience to make liftoff next spring smoother than would otherwise be.
I already tried using a Traxxas Rustler, but keeping control at low speeds and preventing motor overheats was an issue, so...browse....browse...browse....ah-ha!


What better vehicle to accidently go off-roading with at low speeds than a rock-crawler?! :-)

Kit form - No electronics - $150


Basic crawler ESC and Motor installed: $130-ish

What I had on hand: Arduino Nano V3 and breakout board

Purpose: Main Processing

Servo Control

IR Distance measurement using a Sharp GP2D15 on a pan/tilt

What I bought: ArduIMU+ V2 Flat, and HMC5843 - Triple Axis Magnetometer

Purpose: Rollover warning, impact sensing, heading input, turn-rate input, future GPS

The CreepyAGV V1.0

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  • Looks good, Almost makes me want to put my flying projects aside for more grounded projects.
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