Arduimu v2 flat based quadrotor build

hello all on this forum,

i have started building my quadrotor. and i am using arduimu v2 flat as a main controller.

i am very new to all those things,uptill now i got my arduimu v2 and i just programmed it with

the latest firmware 1.7ver with the parameters said in the program for testing and

i also tested it with the happykillmore sofware and is working well.

so now my question is the values which are said to be set in the firmware should i change them

since i am using only arduimu v2 flat and no magnetometer and no gps module.

and 2nd is how to do PID tuning since i dont have any idea about this.

and how the arduimu recognizes the perticular s isnal coming from transmitter.

please anyone help me out.

thanks in advance

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  • I suggest to start with a small isolated test program that does nothing but reading the PPM values and prints out the channels to the serial port. I had similar trouble in getting the firmware to cooperate with my PPM encoder board (Spektrum2PPM from 1hoch4) - the channels were different than the one used in the code.


    Here's a small (untested) test program using the ServoDecode library:

    This should help you to identify the correct channel order (and pulse widths) for your receiver.

  • hello yun,i have read all your post on the forum.i am building a quadrotor same like yours.
    Currently i have arduimu+v2 board with Magnetometer attached.
    And i have 8 chaneel ppm encoder from diydrones store.
    i am using Spektrum DX5e Radio With AR500 5 channel receiver.
    i have programmed the imu with the Quad_mini20 firmware withsome parameter change.
    I have connected the receiver channel to ppm encoder in following order:
         Receiver                  PPM Encoder    Aileron                     CH1    Elevator                    CH2    Throttle                    CH3    Rudder                      CH4
    But in the serial monitor i am getting following values:JJ ArduIMU Quadcopter 1.20 mini PIDRx values: 1037,1037,1037,1037,0,0AN[0]:381.11AN[1]:391.98AN[2]:365.85AN[3]:506.50AN[4]:512.00AN[5]:510.00-2,4,0,0.00,20-5,7,0,0.00,14-8,9,0,0.00,14-12,10,-1,0.00,14-15,11,-2,0.00,14-17,14,-3,0.00,14-20,16,-4,0.00,14-22,18,-4,0.00,14-24,20,-13,0.00,14-25,21,-22,0.00,14-24,21,-31,0.00,14-22,19,-40,0.00,14-18,17,-48,0.00,14-13,14,-57,0.00,14-10,12,-65,0.00,14
    These are the values when nothing is connected to the imu.But after connecting everything and giving PPM input alsoThe last value remains the same i.e 14.It does not shows value for all 4 channel.
    I dont understand what to do.
    Can you please guide me toward what change i should make in the program.I know about tuning you just tell me about other parameters to be set for mysetup.
    You Help will be really great.
    Pls reply as soon as possible.
  • these are the values which i am getting in serial serial monitor of arduino

    after programing arduimu v2 with the above code:

    -23,-1,25,0.00,14-23,-1,25,0.00,15-23,-1,25,0.00,14-24,-1,25,0.00,14-23,-1,25,0.00,15-23,-1,25,0.00,14-23,-1,25,0.00,14-23,-1,25,0.00,14!ERR Mag data-24,-2,25,0.00,14-24,-1,25,0.00,14-24,-1,25,0.00,15-24,-1,25,0.00,14

    tell me wheather the values are well or not

  • i am using the code one which is given in jose julio's mini quad project.

    which is given here:

    code for mini quad-II
  • Developer

    ArduIMU v2 can be used as a full autopilot, but the v1.7 and v1.8 code is NOT for a full autopilot, only an AHRS system.


    If you want to use is as a full autopilot solution you will need to either write your own code or find someone who has done so who is willing to share.

  • @Scotty: Actually, you can use the ArduIMU as a controller board (this is what I am currently working on myself): see or

  • can you provide me with any connection diagram or any tutorial regarding this
  • The ArduIMU is not a controller board, you will need another arduino (pro-mini, nano, perhaps a mega) to connect your servos and ESCs to. The ArduIMU is not designed to do what you want it to do.
  • hi scotty thanks for response since this is the first time i am doing with arduino.i have downloaded 1.8firmware with the parameter u said.i want to build the one like jose julios mini quad.i am using Spectrum DX5e radio system.and will be using Meekpe ppm encoder. i have been through the code but how i should write the code for reading channel.pls help me out with these issues.
  • I would like to point out that 1.8 is the latest firmware. To test the module, put everything except BINARY to a 1. Also, you want the signal coming from the transmitter? Well the ArduIMU is just that, an IMU, it's not meant to do much besides give Euler angles and heading information. It is NOT meant to have multiple signal inputs from an RC transmitter. If you had some arduino experience, then you could write some extra code to read one RC channel. Again the ArduIMU is not a main controller board.
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