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ArduIMU+ V2 on sale ($99)!

ArduIMU+ V2 (flat version) is now priced at $99, which is $30 less than its orginal price. It was already the cheapest IMU/AHRS on the market, but no there's no excuse not to get one (or more!) to integrate into your own projects. The current version now has the high-pass filter removed, which was reducing the effeciency of the DCM code in earlier versions--so it's now even better! This is an unbeatable deal ;-)
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  • You might want to read the description again:

    "Note 2: this IMU improves upon the first release in that the high-pass filter, which was reducing the effeciency of the DCM code, has been removed."
  • Is this version with or without the high pass filtering components? I want to buy that IMU but without the hardware bug (still not too much practice with SMD desoldering). If it have the high pass filter, are you going to offer in the future the arduIMU without the resistors and the bridged cap?

    Thanks indeed. Could be a very interesting product
  • Hey Chris, I just want my 20USD back :-)
    Just joking of course, I order mine 2 days before - ArduIMU(I guess V1.0), but what I see now from order confirmation is I will get ArduIMU+ V2 - so really thanks you send me the last version.
  • Chris,
    Will this work as the IMU in 6 months for the ardustation ?
  • 3D Robotics
    Giles, yes. Thermopiles are tried and true. You'll be fine with them and six months from now, when our IMU autopilots are out and stable, you can upgrade. As Peter mentioned above, you can use the UAVDevBoard now, but if you're not a PIC programmer already you may find the code process somewhat complicated.
  • So I should just get Thermopiles for a basic Wild Hawk installation?
  • Developer
    I'm flying William Premerlani's UAV Devboard with the new (Beta) Matrix Pilot firmware - which is Bill's initial code extended by Ben Levitt. It is fabulous.

    The plane know's it's complete orientation at all times. (except when still, as the gyros set their heading from the GPS Course Over the Ground).
  • 3D Robotics
    When it comes to simply knowing what "level" is on any aircraft, thermopiles are hard to beat. But for other things, such as controlling the angle of bank, handling environments with poor IR contrast (overcast days), and simplicity of installation, IMUs are better. If all you want is an autopilot, the current thermopile-based ArduPilot is fine. But over the next year or so, the entire industry will shift to IMUs, for the above reasons, and I would expect that by the middle of 2010, the IMU-based solutions will have passed thermopiles in almost all respects.

    (We'll have a simple upgrade process for ArduPilot owners to switch to an IMU. Unless people are willing to wait half a year, we recommend that they they get ArduPilot now and switch out the sensors to IMU-based ones later when they're available.)
  • Is the software good enough to be a serious contender with thermopiles yet? Or has it already surpassed them?
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