3689432775?profile=originalHi there! Finally you can pre-order the ArduIMU V3 here.. You can find more info abut it in my last post here

The final version of the board for full production is here, I'm expecting to start shipping them this Friday or Monday. 

We are still working on documentation and giving the final cosmetic touches to the example code to have it ready before you have one in your hands and at the same time we are shipping samples to developers to do a full DCM integration.


From now on our new color will purple! All our new products will feature a Lilypad style look! 


(Note: this is a stand-alone IMU, and is not designed to be a replacement for the "Oilpan" IMU shield of ArduPilot Mega.)

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  • Developer

    Hello guys, please be patient we are working on a new code. Including a small one that allows you to control a little quad (Only control it)..

  • @Harry

    Could that be caused by a mismatch in sensor resolution between V3 & V2? What is your max gyro output? You said the drift is being experienced in all three axes?

    Maybe you could post your code?

  • This might be a stupid question... in it's current form, with the current code this board does nothing except output the raw data from the sensors?

    Are you guys using or planning on using any of the "DMP" capabilities of the board?

    Finally, when will there be code that provides a useful IMU output in Quaternion or Euler Angles?



  • Developer

    @Jakub Yes Gerry is right, the new Arduino 1.0 screwed everything we had.. Devs are working on this..

    @Gerry thanks!


  • Gerry: It was my mistake. I soldered the pins wrong. The code was upload succesfull. See the attachment. I would like to ask you. Do you know any software wich works with ArduIMU V3 (not only serial command)? Something like Happy Killmore GCS,...

    Thank you


  • What have you selected as your target board under the "tools" menu? Which FTDI cable are you using? Did you send the board to DIYDrones to fix the bootloader or try to do it yourself? 

  • Gerry: thank you. I downloaded the older version. The code compilation is OK. But I still have problem with upload the code. See the attachment. Do you have any solution?

    Thank you


  • I think your problem is nothing more than Arduino 1.0 backwards compatability issues. Download version 23-ish. It's the one I used and everything compiled fine.

  • Jordi: thank you for the information but I have problem with upload the code. See the attachment. Can you help me?3692316928?profile=original


    Problem reminds me of moving averages from the financial world.

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