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  • Developer
    There seems to be an error in Earls MTK Lib. I'm trying to do a quick update to the SVN.
  • Earl, I loaded the code up on the ArduIMU, hooked up the MTK GPS, and connected ArduPilot. The altitude reported on the ArduGCS appears to be 1/2 of actual. GE shows 659 Feet, my
    EM-406 showed 200 Meters.
    MTK shows 100 Meters.
  • Here is the string to send to the GPS to enable the binary mode
    This sets the baud rate to 38400
    Here is a lot more info.
  • Thats a good question. I don't remember programming it to binary. I got mine from the DIY store so I think it was pre programmed to binary.
    To set it to binary is not too hard. I will check how.
  • did the MKS GPS come pre-programed to output in binary?
  • Well Chris, If you want to use the MTK GPS instead of the uBlox, this should do it !
    I was kind of forced to do the code because my uBlox quit and I only had the MKS GPS unit.
    It is choice 4 in the code so it is an addition in the IMUcode that a few my like.
    Yes, I would suggest putting it in the SVN when more people check it out.
  • 3D Robotics
    Earl, can you explain a bit more what this is? Is it something we should incorporate in the main ArduIMU code?
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