ArduIMU/Ap test platform ready!!

Hello all,

Developers of this combined project, Thanks!

Ugly and dirty, the system is ready to roll tomorrow, the bench tests all went well, although I think that the elevator amplitude (gain) isn't enough when in stabilize, which probably will happen also with RTL mode.

More to come, tomorrow.

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  • Found the problem with the differences in the elevator, the trim in the radio.

    Bottom line, the model has to be flying straight as we want it to do without changing the trims in the radio.

    Doing the model setup in the old fashion, all mechanic.
  • Did a short flight test, two things arose:
    1. from normal to stabilize, the elevator change the equivalent of two or three clicks down
    2. the control in stabilize mode felt a little spongelike, almost as if it have expo dial in

    In stabilize:
    1. the roll was well controlled and smooth in operation
    2. the pitch had two distinct behaviours:
    2.1 in moderate motor, the height was maintained
    2.2 when WOT the model pitch down dangerously (but in normal mode WOT provide a gentle 5 degrees climbing, which made me think the the motor angles couldn't be held responsible for the pitch down when in stabilize mode with WOT), this behaviour must have something to do with 1. above.

    I try to change the inclination of the arduIMU board, but that didn't change anything regarding the pitch down when in stabilize, odd...
  • Its a simple system, Rc receiver/Ardupilot/arduimu/ubloxGPS as per the instructions
  • Chris, I think it is an arduIMU autopilot using PPM radio input.
  • 3D Robotics
    Er, what is this? Any links for context?
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