You can download it here.

Mostly minor changes, although APM folks who use the Serial Monitor will appreciate the increased control there.

  • SPI library.
  • The Ethernet library has been refactored to use the new SPI library. Existing sketches will need: #include <SPI.h> added to the top of their code. Just select SPI from the Sketch > Import Library menu.
  • String class
  • A0, A1, etc. aliases for the analog input pins
  • shiftIn() function
  • Added Arduino Pro 5V and Arduino Fio to the boards menu
  • Added control over automatic scrolling and outgoing line endings in the serial monitor
Full release notes are here.

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Comment by Michael Smith on September 4, 2010 at 11:33pm
I've been having serious issues with the serial monitor locking up if you select the wrong baudrate (specifically, if you pick 115200 and the input is slower).


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