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  • 3702156905?profile=original Some pictures and a video of the Horten 229 drag rudders

  • I was just using some cheap spoilers just for demonstration purposes. The attached picture shows a drag rudder mechanism that I might use which is a scaled down drag rudders used on the Horten 229 Batwing .The following video shows a simple mechanism that I might also use.3702156001?profile=original

  • Using spoilers, as you have there, will cause a reduction in lift resulting in a coupled rolling moment as well a decrease in efficiency.  Use of split ailerons or a Prandtl-D configuration would likely be more suitable.

  • The Arduino controller makes it easy to connect my Eagle tree guardian yaw stabilization module . Besides, it was a a very interesting and challenging code writing project .

  • Just out of curiosity why did you see the need to add an arduino to the mix ? All of this can be done via mixing on the DX7 or any other modern controller. 

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