ArduPilot 2.3 Release Candidate 1

Whats new:-Upgrade the navigation algorithms for the REAL ones.-Fixed the airspeed (yeah the problem was the groundstation not the ardupilot itself).If you have an ardustation download the version >= 1.2 please.-I added the RSP (Roll Set Point) variable to know if the NAV is doing the right job.-I added the TEST_SENSORS in line 5-8. This will inject the orientation data comingfrom the IR’s sensors to the servos, so you can test fast and easily if you setup is correct.If the rudder/ailerons and elevators moves contrary to the aircraft orientation means you’re are OK.-I added the CALIBRATE_SERVOS in line 5-7. Will let you see the range of your servos(+-45 degrees). For example in my Hitec HS-81 the full range of +-90 degrees is 600ms and 2400ms,this values must be set in SERVOS MAX and MIN located in lines 3-1 to 3-4 (now are in depended forailerons and elevator), you should see you servo moving perfectly 45 degrees (IF NOT, ADJUST IT!).-Walk Around mod. Line 5-6, If is set to 0 will let you test visually the navigation.Actually will disable the stabilization and will pulse the rudder/ailerons servo directly.You can also use it as ArduPilot V10 (is what actually does to navigate).Ardupilot V10 can be killed now.-FIxed the Header comments (Chris actually did it).Tricky, Tricky!I have found some Tricks:-If you don’t connect the receiver to the ardupilot it will get stuck when the GPS is not fix and during the start up.This thanks to the PulseIn function (not my fault).-Note in this version the PI gains are not calibrated i need to tune them again.-I've change the default servo polarity (plug and play in my setup (= ) Nothing personal
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  • Developer

    Sorry is rudder/ailerons not rudder/elevator, i just corrected it. Is exactly what it says, is like ardupilot V10. You may confuse if you are not familiar. In other words only moves the rudder left and right, depending where is trying to head without stabilization.
  • Hi Jordi sound great. Can you please explain a bit more? (-Walk Around mod. Line 5-6, If is set to 0 will let you test visually the navigation.
    Actually will disable the stabilization and will pulse the rudder/elevator servo directly.
    You can also use it as ArduPilot V10 (is what actually does to navigate).
    Ardupilot V10 can be killed now.)

  • For a rocket propelled EZ* check this page - see the videos on the right:

    Lots of interesting EZ* mods - nice site.
  • I think the photo is PhotoShop-ed, see the HUMVEE in the background?

    Jordi, thank you so much, I'll try this out as soon as I can. These new header file switch values for ground test, servo test, and direct reflection of IR sensor values to servos are exactly what I needed today: I've been puzzling over tuning the P and I gains all afternoon. Lots of death spiraling :) .

  • Admin

    There is no applet folder in the ArduStationV12 folder as there was in the ArduStationV11 folder. Is this correct?

  • Admin

    Nice work! Much appreciated!

    Who put the rocket motor in the EZ* or is that a doctored picture?

  • Wow nice work! You must have been busy! Nice pick=P
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