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  • Thanks Chris for the quick reply

    I bought the Ardupilot from the sparkfun, with GPS and the FTDI cable. When i first powered on the Ardupilot, the threee Leds blinks in sequential (i think it's the "firmware" factory). In the page of the Ardupilot, we have to plug first the GPS, then disconect and then upload the Ardupilot firmware. I didn´t do that, i upload the ardupilot (with the GPS disconected) and then plug in the GPS.

    But now, the blue led doesn't blink. I tried to upload with the Ardupilot 2.1 firmware, and plug the jumper in D6 and D7. Now the blue leds, starts to blinks but it remains blinking.

    My question is, the firmware from sparkfun, configures the GPS? Why my GPS isn't getting lock what i'm doing wrong?

    Many thanks
  • 3D Robotics
    GPS does not have to be outside the fuselage.
  • 3D Robotics
    "firmware from factory"? What do you mean? Please explain your question again, more clearly.
  • Hello

    I didn´t connect the GPS with the firmware fom factory. I upload the code directly, but now i can get the lock in the GPS.The blue led doesn´t blink.

    The firmware from factory,configures the GPS? if so what can i do now?

    Many thanks
  • Do I have to place the gps outside the fuselage?
  • Thanks
  • 3D Robotics
    No, you need more than a helicopter heading hold gyro to make an IMU or working autopilot.
  • Would appreciate any idea if this unit can be used with ArduPilot?
  • 3D Robotics
    Okay, well it sounds like we'll soon have the right code for you. You've got relatively unique needs (you want to share one GPS with OSD and autopilot), but the next (328 chip) version should handle them.
  • I don't switch to V2.0 because I need the GPS data to feed the OSD, I am waiting the NMEA gps version to upgrade to V2.x.

    Still, I use a merged V1/V2 code, my Ap is storing home position in the EEPROM, but using NMEA gps code to RTL
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