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  • i guess. like fly to a specified gps location. Take pictures.. and then go to another location take pictures.. that type of stuff...
  • I am kind of new to all of this. I purchased all of the parts for Ardu pilot.. But I have a question. I want to take pictures at predefined GPS cordinates. Is that possible with this.
  • Correction, I'm using ardupilot 2.0.1
  • Interesting

    So, there is nothing strange :) When i upload new code to the Ardupilot i need to put the jumper and when the MUX is On i reset the board, and then Voila !! GPS working

    I'm using ardupilot 2.1

    Many thanks
  • Developer
    AHHH is a safely procedure.

    If you you connect a servo in channel 1 or 2 you will see movements. Is indicating that you leave the safely key connected, so will not continue till you remove it. You don't want to fly with the key inserted...

    In 2.1 is different in order to free the pin 7, you need to ground pin 6 to set home position or leave unconnected to continue normally. The pin 7 is now used to turn of the GPS in the Shields...
  • Well, now i can get signal, but in a strange way.

    When i upload the code, a have to connect the jumper (d6 and d7) and then the blue led starts to blink. When the GPS doesn´t have signal (like indoor) the blinks remains forever. When it get´s signal, the blue led stops blinking but the Mux led powers On and the Blue Led is Off.

    If when the Blue led is blinking i remove the jumper, and after a couple of seconds i reset the Ardupilot, the blue led powers On (without blinking), and the GPS works like a charm.
    Even if i disconect the batery and after a couple of seconds i conect the batery, the GPS remains working.

    I test with the FTDI cable, and without the Ftdi Cable, the result is the same.

    Is this strange, or not really?

    Many thanks
  • 3D Robotics

    With the 2.1 software, the blue LED blinking means that it's waiting for GPS lock. For the first time using a GPS in an area that can take as much as 15 minutes. I'd leave it outside for that long and see if the GPS locks and the blue LED goes solid. I
  • Developer
    Well that's happens to me, if i don't remove the FTDI cable.... Or something is obstruction the serial communication.
  • Developer
    Unless you fuselage is carbon fiber or aluminum/titanium you can leave it inside...
  • Ive had similar problems and put my finding on the LED page

    The problem I have is that although its a SIRF3 gps, it isnt an EM-406, which might explain why the leds arnt doing the right thing

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