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  • Hi, thanks for the reply's, ive rebooted it after gps lock without the jumper and it seems fine like before other then the fact that the rudder kicks over to the left and wont budge at all...

    On 2.0 I could make the rudder move by moving my hand past the thermopile but now in 2.1 only the elevator moves in auto.
    Is this normal for the rudder not to be effected by my hand over the thermopile?

    Ill try it soon but I can see the EZ going into a barrel roll ;)
  • 3D Robotics
    With 2.1 the XY should be diagonal (1:30, 4:30, etc). You select in the code whether the cable is facing forward or back. Also, you must reset the board after the jumper process.
  • did you press reset button after calibrate?
  • Hi, Ive got a problem with 2.1 in that I cant make the rudder move in auto.
    Ok so this is what ive done to test it...

    Run multimeter from all points of my thermopile harness, all good.

    Also power and test each thermopile, I read between 2-3volts (i cant remember exactly) when moving my hand in front of them... so they’re not faulty.

    When I start up my plane this is what I do...
    Put the jumper on 6&7 and power up everything.
    The blue light blinks rapidly and then the surfaces move when I have a lock.
    The surfaces keep moving until I take the jumper off, at this point I get no blue light at all until I move the plane around a bit?
    Im thinking ardu is waiting for the thermopiles to calibrate?
    Anyway once I have the solid blue light I switch to auto, now the elevator reacts to my hand at all axis of the thermopile??

    Ive moved the xy sensor so the plug is facing straight back as before I had it with the thermopiles at 12,3,6 & 9 o’clock in relation to the top of the plane…

    Ive also programmed up another ardu board of my friend and it does exactly the same thing :(
    What am I doing wrong!! ?? :)
  • Iv'e thought a bit more about the saving of waypoints during a flight.
    The ArduPilot already has the GPS data so the other processor only has to tell it to save the current position as a waypoint. One digital input can be the save waypoint command.
    The other processor can keep track of the waypoint numbers and then later tell the ArduPilot which waypoint to go to. This could be via a few custom codes, either serially through a single pin or else by waypoint numbers via 3 or 4 inputs giving 8 or 16 possible values.
  • 3D Robotics

    Technically that's possible, using software serial on a spare digital pin. It would take a bit of coding, however.
  • I was just wondering about something similar - would it be possible to update way points real time, and if not what would be required...
  • Chris, thanks for your wonderful system.
    Is it possible for another processor to pass a waypoint to the ArduPilot via spare I/O pins?
    An example is a glider that has found a thermal and can enter the location into ArduPilot.
    It can later return to that point or even attempt to fly from thermal to thermal represented as a series of waypoints.
    I guess I can edit the ArduPilot code to accept a stream of serial data on a spare I/O pin.
    The unknown is whether the data can be stored in the ArduPilot waypoint database.
  • 3D Robotics
    In ArduPilot2.0.1 the tab is "Waypoints" and the waypoints you enter there are relative (distance and direction from previous waypoint). In ArduPilot 2.1 they can only be added through the setup utility.
  • Hi
    Where do I put the waypoints in Ardupilot 2.0.1? I can`f find the "Mission_setup" tab. Do I copy the one in Ardupilot 2.0?
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