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  • 3D Robotics
    That would be much appreciated!
  • OK, I have an Arduino board now also. Maybe I will tackle the flow charting if you would like.
  • 3D Robotics
    I'm afraid not. But it's pretty well commented and easy to follow--Arduino code is easy to read. Even I can do it!
  • Chris and Jordi,
    Is there a flowchart of 2.1.1 ? Or an explanation other than code comments ?
  • Please, a colleague, you can upload to the forum, a diagram of connections Ardupilot with sensors xy, z pressure sensor and confirm that the soft version of the 2.1
  • hello again,.my tricopter uses 3 gyros plugged into escs which run the motors, a 4th gyro controls the rudder via a servo. on the rx i use the rudder channel, the aile, elev and an aux channel ( throttle is controlled by pitch) will I be able to use ardupilot? all I want to do is have the tricopter hold at a given place and altitude for aerial photography and a return to home feature.. Many thanks for any input.. Josh
  • 3D Robotics
    Not with ArduPilot. We don't have a spare serial port for incoming data (aside from the one the GPS is using)
  • Is it possible to do all communications with just xbees? As in no R/C radio. The xbee would transmit control, waypoints and send back telemetry and gps?
  • Thanks Chris!!!... i'll give u more info about my crazy project later.. =)
  • 3D Robotics
    Yes, it's easy to control two other servos. Just connect their signal lines to a spare digital pin and use our servo routine to control that. That's what we do with ArduPilot 2.1 and up, which supports three outputs (the third is throttle)
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