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  • 3D Robotics
    Those are in the Arduino libraries. To operate with gyros you need to A) get good at C and B) spend a year studying Kalman filters. Seriously, that is a PhD-level project.
  • I try to make a fligth with out FMA co-polit. i just want to use gyo system.
    So i'm studying the open source to operate the ardupolit with C programing tool. (actually i not good at C.)
    But i cannot find the header files(WProgram.h, pins_arduino.h).
    How can i get the files?
    What should change the open source to operate gyro system?
  • Hi

    One question.
    I rely want to try the thermopiles on the airplane but i have not got my ublox yet,

    So how can i use the thermopiles on my easy star?, just want to se how stable it can be.

    PS i have the ardupilot 328.
  • 3D Robotics
    Yes, Sean is right. But it's worth noting that we never "integrated" the original Co-Pilot, either. ArduPilot 1.0 was/is a navigation-only autopilot, which is to say that it was completely separate from the stabilization system and could thus work with any of them. So 1.0 can work with the Copilot 2 just as well as it did with the original Copilot

    For the more recent ArduPilot code, we've used the FMA sensors, but not the Copilot. It will not be compatible with the new FMA sensors, and Sean is right that we'll probably be moving to an IMU by the end of the year and leaving thermopiles behind entirely.
  • I think the ardupilot is going towards the IMU side of things, so I doubt that new co-pilot 2 will be intergrated into the ardupilot system.
  • FMA Have discontinued the FMA Z sensor (FS8ZS). Are there any plans to change to ardupilot to accomodate the replacement copilot2 which is digital?
  • Has anyone used the ardupilot with a gas engine airframe?
  • Chris: I double checked and I figured out what's wrong. It wasn't fried... the header that I soldered didn't make complete contact with the metal in the hole... i resoldered carefully (considering i've resoldered it so many times before it was a big mess) and it's working perfectly now... =)

    anyway, my crazy project I wanna tackle is actually an eCCPM heli... to tell you the truth i don't even know how to fly this thing!... anyway, studying the Ardupilot code is really helpful... I wasn't even aware before that you could tweak the chip to create hardware PWM... you guys are super helpful... thanks again...

  • 3D Robotics
    AludrA: very sorry to hear that---that's is indeed expensive. Seems weird that all components would fry simultaneously. Do you know what you did?
  • i think i just fried my 5 DOF IMU from Sparkfun... no fun at all... i'm getting voltage signals of zeros on all axis analog output... =( such an expensive device to fry...
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