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    This may not be the root of your problem, but as I said before you should not connect a battery straight to the board unless you've changed that solder jumper to BATT. You will burn out the board that way. Instead, connect your battery to your Rx, and then connect the Rx to the ArduPilot board via one of the servo leads. There needs to be a power regulator in the loop somewhere.
  • ok so you have power, my blue and yellow do not flash I only have red. Do you have the gps unpluged? you have to unplug it to update the software far as I know unless you have the shield and are running 2.x of course I am talking a little out of my a$$ right now because I just started reading this the other day. These types of discussion should be in the forum maybe? that way it's easier to group problems and search them.
  • Hi Steve,
    All the led's come on, the red pwr, the blue and yellow flash and the mux goes on and off when I throw the switch on my transmitter.
    There is 5.16 volts on the underside of the board.
  • Chris,
    As I said in a previous post this is all very new to me but when I look at the upload it seems as if it has got half way down loading the program and then the error pops up. Is this correct?
  • not sure if it matters but I belive the 5.0v is supposed to come from the input side where you connect your signal from your receiver.

    do you have bright Red led's light on the board? flip the board over and see if you have 5.0v at the pins that are labeled ground and 5.0v
  • Hi All,
    Jalves... The com port is correct ..com7 in device manager and in the Arduino program.
    Steve ...thanks for your input.
    Jordi...I use ardupilot.pde, instructions say "will load rest of files"
    Chris...I have the 3.3v Sparkfun board? I used the connection diagram for ArduPilot 1.0 and put 5v on the 'out 1'
    using a 4.8v 'flight' battery (the sort used to power your Rx'er when you use a nitro engine) this is connected
    with the black lead (negative) to the outside.
    I have just tried it on another pc both with the Sparkfun oard and an FTDI cable but each time it throws up the same error.
    The board is the red one.
    When I plug the usb cable into the Sparkfun board the tx/rx led's flash but nothing when I try to upload.
  • 3D Robotics
    My Sparkfun FTDI board (5v) LEDs don't seem to flash, either. Not sure why. The 3.3v board does.

    When you say you're powered by the battery, you mean via the Rx or ESC, right? You shouldn't connect the battery straight to the board unless you've switched the solder jumper to BATT to use the internal power regulator (not recommended, since you'll be using the Rx/ESC as your power source in practice)

    Do you have the newer red ArduPilot board? And you're selecting the 328 board in the IDE?

    If so, you've got a problem with your cable, FTDI board or driver. Can you try it on another machine to eliminate the driver possibility?
  • Developer

    Seems that you are no loaded the files correctly. How many tabs you have? You must include all the PDE's in the same files.
  • Have you select the right COM port within arduino?
  • John, mine don't flash. I figured the tx led would flash but it does not. Mine seems to be uploading code properly. Sorry that's all I can offer to help.
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