ArduPilot Mega Telemetry on RC Transmitter Screen

What's the Turnigy TH9x or Eurgle 9x or other 9 channel clones good for ?
Well being a $60 transmitter very good. Add some new FW and holy cow !
Here is my modified $60 Eurgle TX.

here is a group wanging it out!

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  • Earl, whch version of the f/w repository I need to flash in the microcontroller of my tx ?
    Can I flash your bin file directly ? If yes then please paste the link of the same.
  • Thanks Earl, I will get back to you if I am struck somewhere.
    There is also one for the er9x FW
  • Where is the Manual ?
  • Ohhhh you are asking how with the new 9x FW how to assign 3position switch to channel 5 .....correct .
    The new FW manual is on the. rEgroups forum.
    It is in the setup manual. The 3position switch is ID0 1 and 2 I think. I use the upper right pot for the switch, that way I get 6 positions.
  • Can you pase the lines of the code in which I need to change to assign channel 5 to the 3-position switch. ?
  • I have the same Eurgle 9x Transmitter.
  • I do not have a UAV dev board, I have APmega board
  • Can you please pin point the code likes in which I can assign channel 5 to the 3-position switch ?
  • What tx .
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