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  • Very clean. I'm def ready for two way telem!
  • Awesome work! I want to get my hands on a APM and IMU shield so bad lol. That's an awesome looking GCS. Is there documentation about the the codes for telemetry data if we want to make our own GCS?
  • Developer
    Yeah, check it out here.
    I can't support it, since most people don't know Flash well and have never used socket servers. I like it because the whole protocol is up to me and I can change it at will to debug things without worry.
  • Nice gcs, slick. Is the [1] on the compass the waypoint #? If so that's a nice idea
  • 3D Robotics

    Darren: that's Jason's custom Flash GCS (he's a bit a Flash whiz), for the Mac. It's tricky to implement (needs a funky utility to access to the serial port) so was not released publicly.
  • What GS are you using, and are you using waypoint writer mega?
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