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  • wonderful spyder hexa,

  • The Spyder with the CC will be for fun flying, and the Ardu board is going to a hexa with camera mount designed special for video work

  • So why do you have the Openpilot and the AC-2
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  • Fitted the halve balls.

  • Hi Alastair,


    I am using a German Haase 1240AL custom.

    The CF was bought on eBay (look out for scams)

    I am using a 1,5mm diamond cut routerbit at aprox 20.000 rpm. Feed is low 1220mm/min

    as speed is not the issue we tried 1220mm/min as feed and it worked so no need to adjust.

    I take multiple passed of 0,5mm deep.



  • Pieter Awesome! Now I see the spider I am just starting in CNC And I wanted to do similar things with CF, I have just got a Roland engraver that should do me for now. Just tryng to get my head around the Proprietary Roland software. What machine are you doing your Routing with. Also how have you found CF to work with? What sort of cutting speeds and spindle speeds do you recommend?



  • Love the stability. Flat is where it's at!!!
    Center of aerodynamic lift and center of mass on the same plain.
  • On my Harddisk :)

    If you want to buy one contact Mario, if you want to build one yourself the drawing would be not to difficult? two circles?

  • hi,

    where can i find the designs of the frame
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