ArduStation Mega v1.0b arrived


Our ArduStation MEGA boards arrived today and I am truly excited to see how they work. Now starts small assembly job for them and then we can start doing testing for those. 

Big thanks for Colin for his original ASM work, it's great to see what great minds can create. 

New boards looks just awesome. Few connectors are missing but those are quickly soldered. These boards are from the first batch and we have them now small qty in stock. If there are any changes that needs to be made, we will do it and then first production batch will come.

Technical specs:

  • MCU: Atmel 2560 with Atmel 8u2 USB "adapter"
  • XBee footprint for telemetry with external pins
  • IO: Buzzer, Analog, I2C, GPS
  • SDCard holder for storage needs
  • 128 x 64 pixel Graphics LCD
  • 3 x TTL Serial output pins
  • 2 x Servo outputs with internal/external power feed
  • Encoder port for menus etc use
  • Connection for I2C Keyboard 
  • 4 x LEDs for showing different statues

Jani / jDrones

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  • Admin

    @Greg O,

    What size Otterbox did you use? The 3000 size seemed to be the best fit based on the interior dimensions. Just about every web supplier is out of the Otterbox 3000 size so I bought a Preserver P3000 Cruiser box that has slightly larger interior dimensions. I originally thought that I would power the board with a 2S LiPo, but on second thought I decided to go with a 2500mahr 7.2vdc NmHi battery since I have a bunch of NmHi battery chargers laying around and I won't have to worry about balance charging or running the battery below its cutoff voltage.



  • Developer

    Saiful, yes that indeen looks to be upside down. I really wonder what happened there. Most likely it is single case as those power modules are coming ready made for us and we just solder them on boards. Can you contact our customer support and we will send new power unit for you. 

    We just had meeting with my engineers and talked about this issue and our staff is now checking every single powerunit on our stock to see if there are others like this. 

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    Powered the ArduStation Mega today through the USB connector with the push button switch connected through the I2C connector. All the functions appeared to initialize correctly and I was able to flip back and forth through the screens with the push buttons.

    Next step will be to power the board with a 2S LiPo and see how it performs. After that I plan to add a GPS and a 3DR 915MHz air side telemetry module that I just programmed with a PC side module.



  • Admin

    Hi All,

    Has anyone given any thought to what brand of case to use and the possible sizes that will fit the O&M of the ArduStation Mega board?



  • Admin


    I just got mine today in the mail and it looks like the input capacitor on the switching power supply on your board is indeed reversed. The white band, which usually denotes the negative terminal of the capacitor, is on the other side of the capacitor on my board. Bummer.

    I bet that Jani powered and tested the boards through the USB port because that is where they had to load the software. So they never noticed that the capacitor on the switcher was backwards.



  • 3692673541?profile=originalReceived mine today. Work great with USB. After soldering the power cable I hook 3s lipo

    and poof... my capacitor blow up magic smoke. Did the capacitor reverse polarity?

  • Got mine a few days ago. Looks great. The I2c port has a loose solder job and will break off soon. The gps port is solid. The lcd looks great. I'm putting mine into an otterbox right now.
  • Hi any news when the pre ordered unit will start shipping, ordered mine in early feb and was just wondering?

  • As I could see, it is possible to place previous orders.

    But who will order without knowing how to use?

    Where can we find the documentation?

    For example: What baud rate for XBEE, which GPS is recommended (different settings are possible there)

    Open source is good, but open manual also. Do a good job and write about to tell averybody how to use al the features.

    I'm shure it will be a great succes.

    I am waiting for the manual bevor ordering. Probably many others also.

    Thank you for your development.


  • Developer

    Oyvind, that is possible too. Software will be fully open and there are several UART ports that you can use. Easiest way would be just monitor main serial port and write byte per byte all the incoming data to for example Serial 2 output.

    Serial 0 is USB uart, 

    Serial 1, GPS (reserved)

    Serial 2, nothing yet

    Serial 3, Telemetry modems

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