ArduStation Mega v1.0b arrived


Our ArduStation MEGA boards arrived today and I am truly excited to see how they work. Now starts small assembly job for them and then we can start doing testing for those. 

Big thanks for Colin for his original ASM work, it's great to see what great minds can create. 

New boards looks just awesome. Few connectors are missing but those are quickly soldered. These boards are from the first batch and we have them now small qty in stock. If there are any changes that needs to be made, we will do it and then first production batch will come.

Technical specs:

  • MCU: Atmel 2560 with Atmel 8u2 USB "adapter"
  • XBee footprint for telemetry with external pins
  • IO: Buzzer, Analog, I2C, GPS
  • SDCard holder for storage needs
  • 128 x 64 pixel Graphics LCD
  • 3 x TTL Serial output pins
  • 2 x Servo outputs with internal/external power feed
  • Encoder port for menus etc use
  • Connection for I2C Keyboard 
  • 4 x LEDs for showing different statues

Jani / jDrones

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  • Developer

    @Colin, yeah we noticed that it's a bit beta. My guys are working on it and current mirroring scheme is a bit nono. We need to catch all mavlink packets and then use mavlink send/receive functions to send those forward. As if we just do byte mirroring between ports we will miss timeslots etc and that seems to break all packets. 

  • Ahh, nice one Jani. I missed your tracker post- should be good :)

    Yes, I have had mavlink passed through in the past, it's a bit experimental at the moment. I see it as a key feature that we need to have sorted by version 1.0

    Once the pass through is sorted properly, it should also be possible to connect a bluetooth modem to one of the serial outputs for pass through to droidplanner

  • Developer

    @Colin, have you been using gcs_passtrough?? By antenna box I mean that HeavyDuty antenna tracker unit that we have been working here. 

    At least on 0.4 version there were some extra chars printed out to USB port along with MAVLink and naturally Mission Planner does not like those as it breaks protocol. 

    You should have easy way to stop those extra texts coming out from USB. 

  • Admin


    Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated. Yes, they probably do not make a 256mb card anymore:-). I will probably try to find a SD card between 2Gb and 4Gb.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • All I've coded for the SD card so far is the display the contents in the top folder. But I imagine really small will be fine as we'll pretty much just be dealing with text files for logs, parameters and missions. 256mb would be plenty... don't know if they still make them that small anyway...

  • Admin


    What size SD card do you recommend for the ASM?


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Paul, I've got similar keys in my PC keyboard- cherry blue. They're really nice. I guess you can buy the up down left right and escape keycaps to go with them, which would look quite nice :)

  • Knocked together a plotting page, will be in the next version


  • Continuing on h/w and button boards....

    - the Cherry keys are just nice keyswitches with space for an led ( ) very tactile, simple and clear which is what the ASM is all about for me
    - +1 for LEDs on pin headers
    - I like the key layout for navigation, push button for ok on the encoder
    - if you standardise on an enclousure put a tripod mount on it
    - +1 on a zoom servo, I fly solo mainly (not anti-social but young family/not much hobby time/ unsocial hours) and I love the idea of using the tracker function for a 'follow it' camera/video

  • Admin


    Yes, my ASM is headed South:-). I will give it another shot this week. I believe that it is the screen with the UAV and ASM GPS data.

    Yes, it would be nice to add a compass as I have a small handful of HMC5883Ls in my junk box that are just waiting to be put to use!

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