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One of the printers we use for prototyping / manufacturing. This is the BIGREP ONE, the most advanced big FFF printer!

We are using bionic structure to make the Arrow Drone stable and crash proof.


This is the customized Arrow 200 for the next trailer. This will look so great with electronics and leds!


Hi, i´m flying the Ardupilot for many years now. This community accompanied me on my way into the professional multirotor industry. I´ve been working for Ascending Technologies on the Volocopter Project for example.

I´m a big fan of the work diydrones/3drobotics does for the multirotor development. A special thanks to Chris Anderson!

I always try to push the boundaries with my drone developments. The Arrow Drone is made out of hightech materials and bionic structures. This makes the drone rigid and crash proof.

We see drone racing to become the next big worldwide extreme sport this year. What makes it unique is the combination of advanced flight mechanics, adrenaline, competition and fascination. We developed the first customizable systems that make the entrace easy for beginners and give pro pilots the full potential for racing events.

The Arrow 270 can also be used for moviemaking with the upgrades (brushless gimbal and GPS). Due to its compact size (see the comparison to the Phantom 2 in the trailer) it is perfect for traveling. Im thinking about building the Pixhawk as an upgrade into the Arrow 270. What do you think, would it also be useful for racing?

If you like the Arrow Drone and you want to join the adrenaline packed action sport drone racing that get one of our affordable systems. You can save even more money on our preconfigured teampackages:

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  • A Twitch ask and answer sounds great except one thing... I'd have no idea what to ask beyond, "how do I get started with this thing?"

    I've flown multi rotors for a few years now, but the things these FPV racers do is pretty amazing. I've been thinking about giving it a try by building my own 250, but I just don't have the time. Seems like the Arrow is as good a place to start as any. And I like supporting Kickstarters like this - even if nothing ultimately comes of it.
  • Thank you man. Also feel free to ask me questions. What would you think of a twitch ask and answer session?

  • I like it. Just pledged to your Kickstarter. Good luck.
  • Hi Fnoop Dogg, thank you for the feedback and the compliments! We are going to work on the points.

    On the Arrow 270 you can put a Pixhawk, there you can also use the complete functionallity. The Arrow 200 is a pure racing drone, super agile - no place for a Pixhawk.

    Our sets are preconfigured and tested on a test bench, so this makes the setup easy.

    We are limiting the throttle/speed to make the entrance easy for beginners. It is possible to change this when the experience rises. We hope our free tutorials will make our drone users responsible and give them a simple start.

    Thank you very much.

  • @Josua - The video is really good, but it took reading through to the bottom of the kickstarter page to realise that 'frame only' means frame + motors + escs + props + autopilot + fpv camera + fpv transmitter!  I just assumed frame only meant just the frame only - you could probably do yourselves a lot of favours by renaming this to maybe ARTF?  And maybe offer a version without the flight controllers as most people on this site will probably want to use a pixhawk/pixracer.

    So with all that included it's a different ballgame, and a really good package.  It's maybe a little expensive for DIYers like myself like you're going to find on this site, but for someone who is just looking to get started it's a great package.  The design is nice and the work and effort you've obviously put into this hopefully it will be a big success for you.

    I think the doubts you're getting about the speeds show you're doing something really good :)

    ps - is it really a good idea for beginners to do 150kmh?  I think I would run straight into a wall on the first flight..

  • If I read it right, Josh has confirmed its done down wind and or down dip.  The fastest we have done on a traditional BO style frame was 126km/hr with 4S 2204 kv1960 and HQ6045. This frame (ours) has ridiculously drag. Add a bit of wind and down dip and you are well over 130.  Add a better frame than the BO H frame style, you are in the 140s. The rest is splitting hairs.

    Josh, thanks for direct answer to my question Josh.  Good luck with your kickstarter campaign :)



  • i doubt that youve got 150kmh with 4s and such a quad. would you post a video of such a flight?

  • @Fnoop Dogg

    The high functionality and highest performance. Did you see the trailer? You can upgrade the frame with a brushless camera gimbal, GPS etc... Its a high performance quad with the best components available. The Arrow 200 and Arrow 270 is also preconfigured and tested before delivery. Short setup time of 15 minutes. Its very good for beginners. The crash proof structures protects the electronics.

  • On a free fall upside - down you can even fly much faster ;). 150 km/h is quite save, you can also get slightly more out of it. We use t-motors 2206 on 4s 70C, HQ6045 propellers. Its important that there are not to big vibrations on the motors. Also the frame is very aerodynamic compared to standard speed racers. The components are integrated into the frame and not flying around on the outside. Next point is wind direction ....

    Yeah the video google thing is nice ;).

  • €760 for just the frame?  o_O

    I don't know much about these small drones but i've been thinking about getting one, what makes this different from similar sized frames costing a tenth of the price?

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