AscTec Falcon 8


Very lucky last week to get the chance to fly one of these fantastically scfi machines. The chaps were over from Germany on a UK tour and I somehow cracked an invite.

Thats all of us looking very serious, I think an important thing to note is that there were four real helicopter pilots there!

That's the venue.For 18,000 euros you certainly get a capable machine that was very easy to fly in some wind, it was at least 15 knots above the trees and the machine just stayed pinned where you left it in the sky.I took the chance to maiden a slightly different Manta as I think I may have mentioned elsewhere ;-)

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  • anybody knows what motors they use on the astec falcon 8 ? KV ? weight ? Diameter ? Windings ? Output ? They use very small propellers right ? Like 6 or 8 inch only ?

  • Where are the speed controllers? Did you see whether they were the companies or normal commercial ones?
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    Sorry to hear about your experiences Toby and Hooks , Jack I will ask Mike if he took any shots like that, I did'nt take a camera. Plenty of people were getting close ups, but perhaps not close enough of it.

    That has taken the shine off things to hear that, but sadly it puts them in the pile with the rest of them. That's why Mike built his own open source quads. Not one of the companies selling quads seem to enjoy happy relationships with their customers!
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    I also have the same eperince with asctec. ´Last year I bought same product as you.

    1. very bad support
    2. very long support responce

    I now have a very expensive toy collecting dust.

    I can't recoment Asctec.
  • Sure wish they were as keen to help thier customers. recently purchased the x-3d Brushless from (hobbyline).1300 USD. it has all the bells and whistles Funpilot, x-acc and the x-mag blah blah blah...I can't get it to fly. Soft and firmware seem totally unstable and untested..asctec team has been less than supportive. I found myself up at 3am on the phone with the chaps only to get a "huh? that sounds strange..we'll call you back". No E-mail No phone Call as of yet. Sad. Hind sight being 20/20, I would not have baught it ....Anyway, hope my easystar ardupilot project goes smoother
  • Too bad you couldn't snag a closer look at the octorotor. Would have been interesting to see the fuselage & how the rods were joined, but obviously it wouldn't be 18,000E if you could photograph it. Ascending Technologies is keen on not providing high resolution photos of their airframe either.
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    Yeah I think that once it had been taken over by China things did not pan out how they thought!!

    But the standard quad which you can get for a deal price if you buy the falcon and use it for training, was thrown to the floor and into walls to show just how strong it was.

    It was then taken outside and sent up and I mean up.

    The GPS hold and fixed rate of desent that the setup provides meant all you had to do was pull the left stick down and the machine arrived back with us mortals pointing the same way and in the same place.

    Very cool
  • Thanks gary , amazing , infact i have the X-ufo by silverlit but could never fly it due to dud bat. these guys are some thing :)
  • These guys also made the vehicle that MIT used to win the 2009 IARC competition.

    They are the same people who came up with the X-ufo design and constantly inventing different type of mult-rotor systems. Everytime I watch this video from 2007 it blows me away.
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    Thats not me flying in that shot!! I'm stood to the left, you need this site there was real time video, the entire thing is stunning in operation.

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