Hi All.
Atlas Dynamics is proud to announce the launch of its first consumer drone, made in cooperation with Yi-technology. Our unique tricopter design and full carbon fiber hull create a new standard for quality and performance in the consumer drone space. We have reached a 40 min of flight time and have made some new features like Virtual Stick and one hand control.

Our App will be available for IPhone and Android devices. In the future we plan to release free app for IPhone and Android, so all APM users will be able to enjoy new features.
Also we have plan to release SDK for IPhone and Android platform, so everybody can make their own GCS apps easily.
We are going to make efforts to support all APM community and provide new software and hardware solutions.

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  • We finding investor to this project. They help us with mass production . Right now we have R&D team and company in Europe. And we made many modification to reach the highest goals.

    Right now the website not available, we will release it day before InterDrone.

  • Found s nice YouTube vid.

    I like the look and optimization of this. Seems to have a downward lidar for terrain following. The only thing that would really help this is a limited yaw compensation pitch motor. I did not see one. And of course a phantom has some form obstacle avoidance to avoid human size objects.

    It looks like a serious piece of engineering though. If you put a flir vue pro in that gimbal you may have something interesting. The seemingly open nature of this may make it interesting to adapt for other uses.

    The consumer market is really tough. I wonder if this could not also be pitched at light industrial use? It seems to be much more adaptable for such a purpose, especially if it really can get 40 minutes of flight time--even 30 would be ok.
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    That's the failed crowd funder is it not?? Yes there it is

  • Nice looking thing.  Do you have a website?  Google isn't finding it.

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