AttoPilot IMU flying ParkZone Stryker

Today I flew my ParkZone Stryker with an AttoPilot IMU for the first time. The wind was 20mph and the loiter circle was 100m. I did not have a WP file set for today as I was checking my stabalization tuning. Some very minor changes needed but it really turned out extreemly well. I will fly some WP files tomorrow.

The following plots are:

Roll vs Roll target

Pitch vs Pitch target

Airspeed vs Airspeed target

Wind and Airspeed vs Heading

These birds fly rather well.


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  • Sweet! I hand catch mine most of the time. Hence the reason for lack of bruises..... Be sure you add down thrust to the stock STK. It causes some very weird issues through turns and getting the AP to deal with it.
  • Developer
    Nice AP install, mine has a lot of hard knocks but still rocks!! I have been landing by switching to Stabilize when aligned up with runway, then reduce throttle to 20% or off. It just mushes down at a high angle almost straight down 75° - 85° and land flat. Stryker has no problems with a little bounce...

    I added spars across wing and along fusalage too. Motor mount got 1/16 ply added from rear edge to just past new wing spar. See my page for photos.
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